Why Nadine and why now?

Sean McNabb needs help in a hurry. He comes close to his suicide moment, but he eventually finds himself putting his feet into the Strong River near Mendenhall, Mississippi. It's the last place Sean expects to be and Nadine is the last person he expects to meet there, yet it happens. She's perceptive enough to recognize that this man is dealing with terrible burdens. Why? Because she's been there before. I'll let their byplay tell the story over the next few days. Just know that Nadine is a key element in the sequel I'm writing, which has a working title of Power Plays: An American Story. She's that important, maybe as vital to The Search For Circe as Darrington Circe himself.


How to buy The Search for Circe

The novel is available as an e-book only on smashwords.com and other top e-book retailers such as the Apple Bookstore and barnesandnoble.com. Here's a link to the Smashwords purchase page: bit.ly/35yEKae. Cost is $5.99.