Why did I create this prophecy?

This is an example of what we've all probably experienced in our lives, an event or series of events that attacks our secure mindset of how life should work. We are blindsided. We are hurt. We are humbled. Maybe it's the sudden death of a loved one. Maybe it's a medical diagnosis we'd rather not learn about. Maybe it's learning facts of mistakes a loved one is making. Each of those hammer us down. The worst part is that we seemingly have no control over the events and hence suffer their impact. This paragraph shows up first as Sean McNabb writes a chapter about Darrington Circe's life. The speaker is a hellfire-and-brimstone preacher named Edwin Sanderson. It's just a seemingly innocuous paragraph in a work of fiction. What is shocking is that McNabb is one of sixteen authors invited to a publishing house who wrote the exact same thing, right down to punctuation. What the hell is going on here? I won't detail the second instance in which the paragraph shows up. Read the novel to discover when and why I use it again. (Hint: It has nothing to do with divine penalties as it does in Sanderson's screamed statement while he stands on the sidewalk on Denver's 16th Street Mall.)


How to buy The Search for Circe

The novel is available as an e-book only on smashwords.com and other top e-book retailers such as the Apple Bookstore and barnesandnoble.com. Here's a link to the Smashwords purchase page: https://bit.ly/35yEKae. Cost is $5.99.